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Inland Northwest Series

Five mountains have partnered with the non-profit group Northwest Winter Freeride League (NW-WFL) with the express purpose of providing the best opportunity for regional snowboarders and skiers to compete and qualify for the USASA National

Inland NW Series USASA Website

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Regional Freeride organizations

    * Forty-Nine Freeriders:  Head Coach Rick Brown; 509-935-6649 ext. 610;

Regional Racing organizations

    * Forty-Nine Degrees North Alpine Ski Team (F.A.S.T.): Youth Ski League (ages 5 to 17). 
    * Lookout Pass: Youth Ski League (ages 6 to 12). 
    * Silver Mountain Alpine Race Team (S.M.A.R.T.): Youth Ski League & Development Team (ages 6 to 14). Saturdays only or Saturday and Sunday Programs offered.
    * Spokane Ski Racing Association (S.S.R.A): Intro to Ski Racing (ages 5-12), Youth Ski League (ages 5-14), Junior Development (ages 11-14), Masters (ages 20 ) 


National and International Racing organizations

    * U.S. Ski Team
    * Ski Racing