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Welcome to EZ Ski or Ride 1•2•3 

An economical way to learn-to Ski or Ride

It's time to get on the snow to learn how to ski or snowboard and discover a new sport you're going to love! The new EZ Ski or Ride 1-2-3 programs makes skiing and snowboarding more affordable and easier than ever to learn, and you can't help but enjoy yourself at your favorite Ski Area.

What Is It?

Each participating mountain is offering a 3-visit "learn to" ski or snowboard package at an incredible price. The complete package includes three lift tickets, three rentals - all of it: boots, poles, skis or snowboard, and three lessons. Get yourself, your friends and family out of the house and up on the ski hill enjoying what we all know is the best season of the year!

Please visit the following participating ski areas below.

It's EZ As 1-2-3

1) Pick a ski area - check out the list of our participating ski areas to decide where you want to take your lessons.
2) Purchase the EZ SKI 1-2-3 package by calling the ski area and purchasing at your first EZ Ski visit.
3) Schedule the lessons.

EZ Ski Ski Area Info
(price includes 3 lift tickets, 3 rentals & 3 lessons)

$129   49º North or call 509-935-6649 x610
3 days of fun, complete with lift tickets, ski or snowboard rentals, and lessons! Available to ages 7+. Lesson begins at 10am or 1pm for ages 7-13. Lesson begins at 10:30am or 1:30pm for ages 13+. Purchase and reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. Visits must be scheduled for Weekends/Holiday.

$99   Lookout Pass or call 208-744-1301 x15
1 Success (beginner chairlift ticket) and 2 all-mountain lift tickets, 3 rental packages and 3 lessons. Classes start sharply at: 9 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM and 2 PM, every day we are open. The graduation gift for completion of the Learn to Ski or Ride in 3 program is a COMPLIMENTARY SEASON PASS for the balance of the season and a Congratulatory Graduation Certificate from Tri-State Outfitters! This program applies to never-ever/first time beginners. Available to ages 6 & up every day we are open. 

$119   Mt. Spokane or call 509-238-2220 x215
EZ Ski/Ride 1-2-3 for ages 7+:  3 lift tickets, 3 rentals and 3 - 2 hour group lessons.  Receive a $99 season pass for remainder of the season upon completion of the program.  EZ-Ski will ONLY be offered on Weekends & Holidays (including the entire Christmas holiday stretch).

$119   Silver Mountain or call 208.783.1111 x8308
Packages are non-transferable, for ages 7+, Prospector lift only, lesson time at 10:30am and 1:00pm.  Weekends and holiday periods only.